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Our core business remains the distribution of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) across Jordan. Khalaf Stores caters to more than six different channels: retail, wholesale, institutions, airlines & airports, quick service restaurants (QSRs), HORECA and more. 

To reach our distribution objectives, we continuously invest in quality fleet of different sizes with dry, chilled and frozen capabilities tailored to carry a wide range of different products across Jordan. We use our fleet efficiently, and have the capability and willingness to grow according to our business needs.

Our logistics capabilities makes us more efficient in distribution, as we have various warehouse facilities located within highly populated areas, notably in Amman, Irbid serving the Northern area, and Aqaba serving the special economic zone in the South of Jordan. Moreover, we invested in additional plots of land in proximity to our new headquarters, having sufficient space for future expansion.


A key element in our success is that we believe in building brands in the market, ultimately helping us maintain and grow our business for the future. We heavily invest in human resources, and continuously recruit talented people at every level, as well as train, develop and integrate each employee across different departments, enabling them to work as a team. We believe that every employee is important in the success story of Khalaf Stores, and should feel part of our family. Additionally, we work closely with all our partners, and together we continuously invest in expanding our knowledge through market research and data sharing, allowing us to better understand, and serve consumers ultimately exceed their expectations from every brand.

Our marketing team has evolved over the years, acting as a centralised knowledge base between our customers and different suppliers, helping us share different learnings and best practices from various brands across numerous categories. We strongly believe that part of our success is the success of all our partners; thus we believe in sharing findings by combining our experience and knowledge in the local market with others across the region, and elsewhere.


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luxury brands

With its dedicated team, Superbrands focuses on luxury brands; notably: Nespresso and the franchise division of Häagen-Dazs.

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wines and spirits 

Khalaf Wines & Spirits focuses only on the sale of alcoholic beverages across on-trade, off-trade customers, as well as private customers.

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