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Mr. Fareed Khalaf Senior founded the first self service retail outlet in Jordan back in 1952, located in the centre of the old town in Amman under the name of "Fareed Khalaf Stores" before being rebranded as "Khalaf Stores" which has been a significant name in the market until this day. 

Having experience in the industry in the Middle East, Mr. Khalaf had a vision to transform the customer retail shopping experience; starting with a humble 12 employees, today Khalaf Stores operates with over 200 employees of the highest caliber.


Fareed Khalaf & Sons Company is one of the oldest and most prominent company names in the Jordanian market. After the passing of our founder, Mr. Fareed Khalaf Senior in 1990, the name was amended in 1991 to “Fareed Khalaf Sons' Company - Khalaf Stores", and is currently managed by the next generations.


In 1952, the company started its business operations in retail by introducing the first self-service premium retail outlet in Jordan. By early 1960s, Khalaf Stores became an official distributor for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). In 1994, Khalaf Stores decided to shift the business, focusing more on the distribution of leading brands, by taking the decision to spin off its retail outlets.


During the late 1990s, the company decided to form a separate division for the distribution of premium wines and spirits with its own dedicated team.


After success and achieving growth with Nestlé Nespresso, Khalaf Stores decided to establish "Superbrands for Trading & Investment Company" in 2008 as a subsidiary to handle all the super premium coffee business.

Starting with 12 employees, today Khalaf Stores operates with over 200 and a high caliber management team. The distribution network has advanced to a very high standard in the Jordanian market. Khalaf Stores is driven by an ethical business mentality with future vision, enjoying a good reputation in the Jordanian market.


We believe human resources is part of our success. We invest in retaining, training, and developing employees at all levels within the organisation.


We always do things right. We are honest and straightforward. We operate lawfully and ethically.


We strive to be the best at doing what matters most. We have a compelling desire to improve and to win in the marketplace. We act as entrepreneurs.


We respect our customers and business partners and treat them as we want to be treated. We believe that people work best when there is a foundation of trust.


We believe our relationship with our customers, trade, and suppliers is a key to success.

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